I have a camera. I take pictures. I have photoshop. I sometimes create images.

Sometimes I get paid to stick a camera in people’s faces. Sometimes I do it on the sly when I think no one is look. Other times there are no faces to be seen.

My blog is about me standing on my soapbox. I’m rather fond of it too … the sopabox standing. This is my way of trying to let my friends, family and complete strangers know where I am and what I am doing and quite possibly what I think about it.

Let’s move on to the usual disclaimer sort of stuff. Please note: This goes for facebook pages, twitter, flickr, WordPress and any other bloggy writings I have somewhere lying around the internet just waiting to come back and bite me in the arse.

The views expressed in the listed online arenas above are mine and mine alone. I do not represent any one particular country, corporation, business, agency, voice, political party, religion, cult, sect, brother-husband or dead philosopher. It’s all mine. Sometimes, I don’t even believe in some of the stuff I write. I do it purely just as comedy value for my own entertainment. I may even pinch stuff from other people. I will endeavour to credit those wherever possible.

I have a lot to say on a great many things, from the fate of the modern world to the fate of the beef steak I have cooking in the frying pan. And look, I’ve offended a militant vegan already. The subject matter in my head knows no boundaries or sequential reasoning. It can sometimes just pour out accidentally, like when someone makes you laugh when you are drinking red wine and suddenly you have a nose bleed at least I think it’s a nose bleed but now the alcohol is burning my sinuses because oh no it’s actually the wine coming back up as my diaphragm attempts to laugh uncontrollably. Enough said.

I try to be respectful. And I expect the same in kind. At some point, you’re probably not going to agree with me. And that’s okay. (Well, not really, but I am magnanimous.) If you feel the need to comment, please be respectful in kind. If you feel the need to comment on other people’s comments, once again … be respectful. Remember, Troy can giveth, and Troy can taketh away with the simple click of a Delete/Block button. I have my sword of choice and I am not afraid to use it.

If it all gets too much for you, then please don’t feel the need to stick around. You can stop following my RSS feed/updates/blog/tweets at anytime you like, and we shall part ways. And if someday we cross paths down a leafy boulevard, I’d rather we be brave and acknowledge each other with a knowing glance and a smile, rather than you pulling out a baseball bat and going all Al Capone on my head.

You know what? After all that, I think we can safely say that we are about to embark on a beautiful and successful virtually real friendship.

Now, please go peacefully amongst the things.