sense8 shon?


Who knew a tv program could get me back to the blog!

So, I got through Sense8 on Netflix this weekend. I liked it. Kinda.

The lead 8 are really nice characters, generally quite honestly flawed and well rounded individuals. Daryl Hannah makes a somewhat ghastly looking appearance on a regular basis in a strange suicidal Mommy-esque role. Tena Desae, Brian J Smith and Miguel Ángel Silvestre were my personal favourites amongst a very strong cast. And this is the second time I’ve seen Max Riemelt in a piece, and the second time he’s totally flashed his junk across the screen. Oh, and by the way, that’s not a complaint.

And *spoiler alert*  that orgy scene is really something to behold! Oh. My. Days.

But you know what really grinds my gears?

The minor characters were much less interesting. I found them two dimensional caricatures at best. Like Bug. And Felix. Or those annoying English people. And that loathsome single Australian character who is rude, abrasive and lacking in any form of social grace, and offers only “Oh, I’m Australian” repeatedly as a form of non-apology when crossing the line to deliberately create discomfort. Having spent some considerable amount of time in Australia filming The Matrix series, is this really the best characterisation that the Wachowski Siblings can do? And are the dispassionately formal yet cliched conversations that are said in a vaguely Asian accent meant to transport us to the Far East? Because that’s how everyone talks in Asia, right?

And on that point, which market are Netflix aiming this at? (Rhetorical, it’s quite obvious.) If Netflix want more than an English speaking market, surely when their Icelandic characters are at home, they would speak, oh I don’t know, Íslenska (Icelandic) to other Icelanders? Just as Koreans would speak Hangugeo (Korean)? Or dare I even suggest Germans and Mexicans would speak Deutsch and Spanish respectively when talking to their fellow nationals? Not a stretch, I grant you, but surely the average international Netflix viewer is not above reading a subtitle or two. Or perhaps, knows one or more of the “other than English” languages featured in this production. It seems odd that Wachowskis and Netflix are seemingly catering only to an Anglo audience with a wifi connection when they could open it up to a wider market. See “Jane The Virgin” for a show that incorporates dual language scripts, or “Game of Thrones”. See the incredible international popularity of Swedish and Danish dramas using their native tongues.

I desperately wanted to like this show much much more than I actually did. Shame, really.

At least they still have Orange Is The New Black to keep hope alive!


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