breathe it all in

Right, so you’ve come here from Twitter to know what it is and how to use it, because frankly, I can’t keep typing any more posts in 140 characters or less. I have other things to do. Like watching Hannibal. Or old episodes of Buffy. Or posting items about politics that drive me crazy. Those that know me will know I can err on the side of being verbose. Like now.

So, without further ado …

WHAT IS ITImage? It’s the Beurer Nebuliser IH 50. (Insert fanfare!) Click here for their product site.

WHAT IS IT FOR? Traditionally it’s for people with respiratory issues, including asthma. But we use it as a portable steamer in those times when the stage or venue is dry and low in humidity to keep the vocal folds moist and in their happy place.

WHERE DO I GET ONE? Oh lordy. Google it. There’s a range of places from Amazon to Evergreen and beyond that sell them. There are also other makes and models by other companies. So shop around. But this is the current one we use. AND it has a nice little blue light that glows!

HOW DO YOU USE IT? After assembly we just put in good old plain saline into the nebulising compartment. Nothing else. No medication. Nudda. And yes, it’s the stuff you buy in big bottles from Boots, Sainsburys, etc, to flush your contact lens or eyes with. Because saline is sterile. Which means the vapour you breathe in will also be sterile, pending how clean you keep your device.

Put some saline in the nebulising compartment. Put it all together. Stick the mouth piece in your gob. Press the button. Breath in the vapour. It’s that simple.

Because the saline will be a room temperature, you’ll find the vapour is a coolish, fine mist that is basically room temperature water. It won’t be hot steam like in your Dr. Nelsons.

After a couple of days usage you’ll find a bit of the saline salt builds up in parts of the plastic device. Take it apart gently, fill a mug with boiling water, gently bath the individual pieces in the mug for a bit, then take out and put on a tissue to dry. Then re-assemble. It’s clean and sterilised. And away you go.

Oh, and try not to drop it. The nebulising part of it can be a little bit on the sensitive side.

DISCLAIMER: This information is just advice to let you know on how we use the product, other than it’s original intended use. How you want to use it is up to you, and recommend seeing a medical practitioner if you have any concerns about your vocal folds.

Right. Done. I’ve shared the love.


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