moments and moments

Szechenyi chessgame

So, on my first night in Budapest, I went out for a stroll along the mighty Danube River. Like you do. I stood on the Chain Bridge, and watched the current below, the seagulls riding the flow then flying back a couple of metres to ride it again. Climbed the hill on Buda side, and saw a cathedral passing itself off as a castle.

Walking along the river bank, I spied an older gentleman who’s face was chiseled and carved like a marble bust of the great composers. The same ones who were compelled to write such grand music inspired by this great European river.

And was propositioned by four separate prostitutes. Closed the evening with some toasted salami on rye. So, you know, can’t complain!

In the morning, a great droning sound came up through my window. At first the singing yobs that I judged as an English Stag Do, were regaling some poor unfortunate souls about how they get knocked down, but get back up again. No one ever seemed to be able to keep them down.  But then the shame came … when I heard them sing Hunters and Collector “Holy Grail” … and they knew every single word … oh, for shame … “Err, me no speakin’ zee Ingreesh.”

A Hare Krishna who was asking for donations in the street today thought, judging by my blue eyes, that I was Irish, Finnish, German, Scottish, Swedish, Norwegian, American and Danish … had to set him straight on that. He also invited me to their restaurant, (for those unaware) “Govinda’s”. Which is vegetarian. And *gasp* vegan. But I don’t have time for that shit.

I had bacon every day of my holiday. Sometimes twice in separate sittings.

The woman at the tourist information bureau was extremely helpful, but wanted to know what I was doing a long way from home. When I explained to her about my Estonian heritage, she squealed with delight and proclaimed, “Then we must be family!” Because (for those still unaware) Estonian, Finnish and Hungarian all developed from the same ancient language, and therefore a common ancestry and people. Meat for dinner.

Yet to be propositioned by working girls and boys, but hey, the night is still young.


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