anzac day under threat by the tabloids

So I am seeing a lot of hype around social media slamming the fact that someone somewhere might be toning down ANZAC Day commemorations because it might offend immigrants.

People, people, people … it’s a complete load of BOLLOCKS!

The tabloid media wants you to get your knickers in a twist, because they have decided that, yes indeed, it’s immigrants that are tearing our great nation apart. And these same immigrants are setting their targets on Anzac Day. Those pesky damn immigrants.

What this actually boils down to is that a government commissioned report on the 100 year anniversary of Anzac Day in 2015 – that cost the Australian Taxpayers $370,000 – and it contained the follow statement:

“While the 100th anniversaries are thought to provide some opportunity for creating a greater sense of unity, it is also recognised as a potential area of divisiveness.”

Potential. Not definitely will.

Of course, this statement is absolute nonsense. It is a politically correctly worded statement by bureaucrats for bureaucrats. And anyone with an ounce of commonsense will understand that there is a distinct difference between the real world and bureaucratic paper folding.

Fortunately, Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard, has completely dismissed the findings of the report, and assures the public that the commemorations in 2015 will go ahead as planned with as much respect as this occasion deserves. Like many members of the government, from all political parties, they believe that Anzac Day 2015 will be a time of unity amongst Australians.

No legitimate member of any cultural minority in Australia has come out publicly and made a statement to the contrary. There is nothing but support from new Australians in our community for Anzac Day 2015.

Yet pasted all over facebook recently, I am seeing people post statuses telling immigrants that if they don’t like it they can fuck off back to where they came from.

This beat up by the tabloid media is once again stirring up racial hatred in Australia. And sadly, it’s working.

But where, oh where, is the appropriate rage for the waste of $370,000 of taxpayers money on a completely useless governmental report?

That doesn’t sell newspapers or get people to listen to your radio station, does it now!


24 thoughts on “anzac day under threat by the tabloids

  1. Thanks! My mum and my grandmother and my grandfather were immigrants to my country … and I hate it when decent hardworking immigrants like them (who become decent Australians) are exploited by the tabloid media to get ratings and sell newspapers.

  2. We came from Yugoslavia and I am sick of seeing this type of ignorance. My family is proud to celebrate ANZAC Day and are thankful to those soldiers who fought so we could make a good life here.

  3. I just read a brilliant article about football (soccer) hooligans and the sort of euphoric frenzy they get themselves into by starting riots and systematically tearing streets apart and brutally attacking anyone unlucky enough to get in their way. The reason they are so successful at this is that little generals emerge amongst them (flanked by little lieutenants) who are able to orchestrate the actions of a big, angry, drunken mob as if it were a single entity. I’d be surprised if the same thing didn’t happen in Cronulla and reports like this make it seems like someone has a sick, psychopathic need for that sort of mayhem to be repeated across a wider theatre.

    I think our justifiable outrage should also be directed at the news organisation and individual reporter(s) who opened this can of hateful worms (like the opinion of a focus group participant is ever worth any sort of attention). I will be posting this link every time I see someone post that ignorant, venomous drivel.

    For anyone interested in the article it is called ‘Among the Thugs’ by Bill Buford and can be found in the book ‘The New Kings of Non-Fiction’ edited by Ira Glass.

  4. NB: Comment by ‘stacey’ has been deleted for only containing only a link. Please see ‘Who Me?’ page for comment protocols. Thanks.

  5. Thanks for your excellent response. As an immigrant who feels very much a part of this country, my heart sinks everytime I come across hateful and divisive comments. Its like Australia is being hijacked by zenophobic commentators and there seems to be a rising tide against immigrants and anything foreign. I have yet to come across any migrant who has come out tosay they dislike Australia or Australian tradition. Thanks again Troy for your balanced article.Wish there was more decent folk like you whose articles got more coverage.

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