and how are you today, mr darwin?

Like any normal person, I have been thinking a lot about the evolution of the human species lately. Yet again, I guess I should put out a disclaimer to the creationists and those that fancy their sensibilities to be offended somewhat easily to look away now. You might get to see a nice little kitten in the corner.

Yes, back to evolution. You’ve probably guessed by now that I don’t think that the human race sprung into existence by a lonely god with some time on his hands. I am a scientist through and through, not to say that I am not a man of God. I do carry my own miss mash of spiritual beliefs. But I believe that the theory of evolution posed by Charles Darwin is one of the best so far that describes the ascent of the human race to the somewhat proud beings we are today.

Yet I can’t help but wonder where we go from here, and what human will evolve into next. Because all around me I see evidence that the survival of the fittest is no longer de rigueur. I listen to conversations about people’s pets, and how dogs and cats have had to survive overwhelming odds to correct a congenital defect. In the past these defects would have eventually led to mortality, and that part of the species no longer able to pass on the genetic code that may have led to such an occurrence.

It is only since human kind became sentient beings and developed a moral code that Darwin’s Theory no longer becomes a theory controlled by Mother Nature, but is now controlled by the whim and emotions of human beings.

I guess the most next layer of this argument is where to next for the human race. You can see it everywhere in modern medicine. As we strive to improve the quality of life, many genetic and congenital defects are given a chance to continue in offspring that wouldn’t have had the chance to do so when once governed by Mother Nature. Not that I support a Gattaca type world where genetic testing will dominate your existence. Much value has been brought into the world by people who suffer from a range of afflictions that make that enriches us all.

From a social stand point, particularly within stronger classist societies, people of different echelons will generally match and breed with people of the same level. Will this create a race of superbeings when the hyper intelligent or the physical elite constantly pair with one another? Well, we’ve all sent he products of inbreeding (no mention of royal bloodlines will be made here, no-sir-ee bob!).

I’m sort of beginning to wonder what comes next in human development and evolution. Something that the scientist inside of me finds thrilling. Will there be a day when there is a split in the species when the next branch on the homo sapiens tree creates another type of human. How will these two species live side by side? Will there become a sub-species underclass? And rather than ecology being dominated by the food chain, humankind has the ability to manipulate evolution beyond the simple mantra of the survival of the fittest. Or do we now have to rethink what we term as the fittest?

Yes, these are the things that take up brain space in my head.


3 thoughts on “and how are you today, mr darwin?

  1. Hi Mike, I haven’t blogged in while, as you can tell. Bit of a siesta, but trying to get back into the swing of it in 2012. Cheers, Troy

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