modern times and tradition

Last week  was a historic day time for the British Parliament.

The Queen gave her speech opening the 59th Parliament under her reign with the coalition of the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats.

Full of pomp and ceremony, the Queen strode into Parliament having arrived by carriage. The Yeoman of the Guard stood there in their finery. Helmets with fluffy feathers and sparkling gilding abounded. Fanfares from shiny trumpets and brass instruments sounded, all draped in the Queens Standard.

The House of Lords descended in their fine red cloaks trimmed in white fur, and donned long powdered wigs for the occasion. The gold thrones for Queen and Consort dazzled the crowd of politicians. Ladies In Waiting gleamed in white as they trailed behind Her Royal Highness.

And the Queen entered the chamber. And the process of old made it’s way towards the throne, with much heave bowing and scraping.

Out came the parchment, and the Queen spoke about a bill to modernise parliament.

The irony did not escape me


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