age before the beauty of technology

Time never stands still.

In my dealings in working in call centres with the general public, or as I like to fondly refer to them as The Great Unwashed, it’s interesting to note how the generations respond to the world we live in.

The 20th Century started out with the inventions of the tractor, sonar, plastic and Cornflakes. A new drug called penicillin cured all the things that ailed you, above and below the belt. The jet engine propelled us further and faster across the globe. We put several men on the Moon. Women were even given the opportunity to vote for the first time. Computers the size of a room were downsized to size of a fingernail.

The world never stops turning.

My parents’ generation have seen so much change in their lifetimes, in the very way in which we live our lives. But more and more I see this generation wanting things to stay exactly they way they are. The simple things that we seem to take for granted these days.

Automated Telephony systems are commonplace. Yes, when you call a company most of the time you will get a computer asking you questions. Buying information in digital brochure format or buying digital media is the norm. No longer the need for CD’s, DVD’s or even vinyl records.

But I hear many complaints about this brave new world that older generations don’t have access to. Unfortunately they don’t have a computer. Unfortunately they don’t comprehend the complexities of “press 1 for this department, press 2 for that, say which office you want.”

The world didn’t stop turning in their day. And the rate of new technology and new invention exploded. But the world cannot stop so that they can catch up or stay safe in the world that they created for them.

At first I felt sorry for them. But now I understand that their parents would have been just as frustrated with their world, as our generations parents are with ours. Because the next generation will certainly not stand still for no man.


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