the unfortunate obsessive’s guide to iTunes

When you’re alone and life is making you lonely you can always go …

It is common knowledge amongst my nearest and dearest that the moment that life throws me lemons I make lemonade in the most anally retentive way.

Well, maybe I mope with my bottom lip on the ground like a Neanderthal, THEN is get all gussied up in my coat of rules and regulations and start organising my life in the most minute possible way possible.

Recently I was given the flick from my day job (but was asked back within the week with gusto when hours became available), and I went into my pre-organisational blues. Then, like all good obsessive compulsives I took action and organised my iTunes within an inch of it’s life.

See, I like to be in control. And when I can’t control the things I can, god knows I will find something to control to give me a sense of power.

This time, it was iTunes.

So here is my Unfortunate Obsessive’s Guide To The Mac Application Known As iTunes.

1.   Album Covers. Oh my god, have you seen some of the album covers that automatically download these days??? With there jpeg pixilation and plastic CD cover indentations? It certainly won’t do. Rather than be visually assaulted with these hideous icons, I am forced into Google Images armed with Photoshop Elements and an array of font colours. Some people choose to leave the two toned grey music notes as their album covers, but my iTunes is not some ashram in the middle of Gobi desert.

2.   Album Songs. I don’t know what century you might be living in but in my day post Arabic notation, we have been able to count in a neat and steady order. Album play list should follow the same. And have a total of songs within the Album list. And how many discs are within the album. Call me crazy, but without such order, then suddenly it’s iTune anarchy and your iGenus will in the corner in tears requiring a nice spot of cocoa and a lap blanket.

3.   Album Scripting Etiquette: Each word in all the songs should be capitalised. Yes, there I said it. Capitalisation people! And it should well be reflected in you organised iTunes storage folders. If this doesn’t happen automatically, then you might want to try changing the Album name and then changing it back. Then peace is restored to the land of Oz.

Yeah … totally awesome power, huh?

All right, I might be just a little bit insane.

I have the awesome unlimited power and control though!

Nope … insane.


5 thoughts on “the unfortunate obsessive’s guide to iTunes

    1. On things about obsessions is that you can alwasy find fault in something. So it is an ongoing process. The level of work required varies depend on my control issues.

    1. Me and My OCD-ness thank you. (This from the girl who organises her DVD collection by colour and THEN alphabetically. So wrong on so many levels.)

      1. It’s aesthetically pleasing, Troy!! My fictional books are just alphabetised; my non-fiction organised following the proprietary system of library classification developed by Melvil Dewey, circa 1870.

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