what’s new in new year?

So here we are in 2010.

Many people ask after what I did to celebrate the New Year. Well, most of the day I worked. I was at the call centre in the morning, then working backstage at Wicked that night. The show came down at around 10:30pm, so I had an hour and a half to kill before the fireworks at the London Eye over the River Thames.

So I slowly wandered down to the Lambeth Bridge just after the Houses of Parliament, and waited with the other New Years Eve revellers until the show started.

Now I don’t ever want to turn into one of those people who complains about things and how much better we do things at home. But on this occasion, I will. For anyone who has seen the fireworks show co-ordinated over Sydney Harbour with the Harbour Bridge as the focal point will know that this is a pretty impressive display. Plus they use other sites in the city to add a more 3D experience rather than just one area of display. Plus this is all choreographed to music. Yeah, we know how to blow up an impressive amount of gun powder at ridiculous prices.

So you can imagine my bemusement at the use of the London Eye as a rather large Catherine Wheel. It was a nice night and a good turn out. And the people seemed to be enjoying themselves. So I thought, “Hey Ho, I am in London, and it’s New Years Eve.”

So after about 10 minutes, the crowd disperse once the money for the fireworks ran out. They were out of there like a pub with no beer. But as we shuffled off the Lambeth Bridge like a slow stampeding of three toed sloths in Zimmer frames, the most amazing thing happened. Almost on queue with the fireworks ending, a cloud front wafted over London and down came the lightest of snowfalls. The crowd cheered. It was blissful!

That’s something you will never ever get in Sydney.

And it made me realise where I am and what a whirlwind the past twelve months had been. I could not have predicted at all the sensation of light snowflakes falling on my face welcoming in a New Year only the year before.

And it has left me with the question … where do I go from here?

There have been benefits and costs to this adventure. In one of the songs in Wicked, one of the lead characters sings,

That’s why I couldn’t be happier, no, I couldn’t be happier.
Though it is, I admit the tiniest bit unlike I anticipated.
But I couldn’t be happier, simply couldn’t be happier … well … not “simply”.
‘Cause getting your dreams it’s strange, but it seems a little … well … complicated.
There’s a kind of a sort of cost.
There’s a couple of things get lost.
There are bridges you cross you didn’t know you crossed until you’ve crossed.
And if that joy, that thrill doesn’t thrill you like you think it will.
Still  .. with this perfect finale, the cheers and ballyhoo who wouldn’t be happier?
So I couldn’t be happier because happy is what happens when all your dreams come true.
Well, isn’t it?
Happy is what happens when your dreams come true!

Yes, not the best of writing, but the sentiment is still the same.

There have been people I have lost touch with, some deliberately my choice, some deliberately theirs … I have felt the distance from my family in times of crisis with a sense of sheer helplessness … I have, at times, felt devastatingly alone … there have even been times when i have struggled to afford to eat beyond two meals a day … i have learned the true value that I hold in the eyes of some of the people that I love, and it’s not as much as I value them …

But I have met incredible people who in some ways, large or small have touch my life forever through their many kindnesses … the Bryans who put up with my insanity … the Jersey Jewess who continues to be my sounding board and partner in crime … the homeliness of the Milford Magnuson … the Shankbone who continually urges me to write more … the mother hen Isreali with a warm bed, a coffee and a threat of a hand in a bowl of water … and Jackie … who proves that family is nothing genetic but something of the heart … and the Sydney and Melbourne crew who never let me know that they are there … and my niece who constantly castigates me for stealing her dolls – sorry, action figures – and not writing more about their adventures … I guess I am starting to understand the true nature of family and friendship in all of this.

May you know your friends and family in 2010.


2 thoughts on “what’s new in new year?

  1. I often wonder where you are and what you are doing.
    And then I find you are in dear old blighty… my wonderful homeland.
    I too get terribly homesick… so enjoy. I hope you fall in love with it, like I did with Australia.
    When Paul and I travelled around Europe, we too found the true meaning of life, and believe me – its not about paying the bills (tho we do).
    Memories for life.
    Take care,

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