money must be funny in a rich man’s world

Walking home along Holland Park Road about a week ago, I was stopped by a well dressed and articulate blond woman of middle age.

“Excuse me do you speak English? Do you live around here?”

“Yes I do.”

“I’m terribly sorry for bothering you. I’m having such a problem at the moment. My car has ran out of gas and I’ve just been to the service station to fill an empty bottle of Lemonade so I can get the car running, and get back home to Richmond. But the station won’t allow me to put it in a bottle. They say I have to buy a jerry can which costs six pounds. I’ll give you my mobile phone as some sort of security, but would you have the six pounds to spare so that I can get the car up and running again?”

At this point I must tell you that I was in a bit of a state when she approached me. I’d had troubles finding a job, was running out of money fast, and thinking that I would need to return to Australia. Playing scenarios out in my head about the six pounds and how much food that buys me during the week, I was not on my best game.

“Sorry, I am broke and don’t have the cash to spare. I am unemployed and can’t spare a thing. I very very sorry.”

And I walked off into the night thinking about my own problems and wondering if the big old karma monster would get me for not helping out a fellow human being in need. Yes, the catholic guilt programmed into me by the lovely ladies in habits as St. Patricks Catholic Primary School is buried so deep within it will never let go of it’s stronghold.

I thought nothing of it again, until last night as I walked home along Holland Park Road.

“Excuse me do you speak English? Do you live around here?”

Seems that the big bad karma monster was actually on my side!


3 thoughts on “money must be funny in a rich man’s world

  1. Troy – this is great. Well done for fighting the guilt-tide of instant charity. I’m bursting to know what jobs you got??? Back in the theatre??? xx K

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