we are not amused … but rather entertained

*eyes roll* Can you believe it? Stand up love, and let ’em pass. Phil and Liz Windsor are late again for curtain up.

A rose by any other name? You might be more familiar by their more common names HRH Queen Elizabeth II and Royal consort HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. And it seems they do like a nice night out at the theatre.

Recently they stepped out to see the National Theatre‘s production of  War Horse. I suspect that there was nothing on the telly that night. And they’d seen everything on Sky.

Apparently as the house lights dimmed, the Royal couple were ushered into the auditorium, and were heard to excuse themselves and apologise for creating a fuss as they skirt down there row and into their seats. Yes, that’s right people. Prince Philip was actually heard … to apologise. Crikey!

The last time they were spotted it was on a night out to see Billy Elliot in 2007. Oh, to have sat next to Prince Philip to see his response to that. I suspect not unlike any regular husband who has been dragged off to a West End musical by The Missus.

It seems that this is quite a regular accurance for the Windsors. When the Queen plans to take in a show as just a regular punter, with great secrecy within the royal household, seats are purchased, a cab slips into Buckingham Palace, and dressed in regular civvies they arrive just before the curtain rises. And they leave with the minimal amount of fuss. Just the way that she wants it. To be just Elizabeth, anonymously going out to the theatre.

Although on this occasion they were spotted by the audience, and left to a round of applause at the conclusion of the evening. The Queen gave a little wave of acknoledgement, and then was off.

Well, looks like a British twist on the old game of  Where’s Wally?!

As a rather contemporary Australian Republican, I say …. good one Lizzy! *wink*


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