this little piggy went to market

Well, it was bound to happen really.

I’m pretty sure that the flu of the swine, amusingly known as “Novel H1N1”, has popped in for a quick visit to the nooks and crannies of my immune system.

And before you turn alarmist on me like a stark raving Jewish-Mother Nagging Jersey Ambulance Chaser I happen to know, I am fine and still a sure footed biped. What little faculty I had for reason before this visitation is still there.

Basically, most health organisations around the globe realise that we are all going to get it. Gone are the days of quarantining people on entry to a country. I had one friend back home, who works in that cesspit of viral infection known as Kindergarten, who’s doctor informed her that her fever didn’t reach the minimum required limit so she would only have the option to pay for Tamiflu. No thank you. A doctors certificate and a few days in bed will do just fine.

My infestation manifested in the form of a sweaty fever, extreme tiredness and a headache like I’d been on a huge bender the night before. Sadly no alcohol was consumed to warrant such pain. Ah yes, British Swine Flu! Now with added mucus!

As some of you know I got Glandular Fever back in 2007 (some call it Epstein Bar or a derivative of such) so my immune system gets a jolly good whacking every time I get the flu. So my come back has been a little harder than most. Hence why the frequency of blogs has dropped off. But even more fortunate was that I was house sitting in the hilly wilds of Hertfordshire, so I had the peace and time to recover.

Needless to say, I am back to myself again, and ready to take on the British Autumn. (That’s what the real world knows as “Fall” to your American folk!)

So, pigs to that I say!

May you enjoy your porcine inlfuenza when it comes a-knocking at your door!


2 thoughts on “this little piggy went to market

  1. Good lord, I thought you had it AGAIN. I was about to start my incessant nagging….

    By the way, here the schools are barring kids if they hit 100 degrees F which is just BARELY a fever according to most doctors. But you know us over here…..we like the lawsuits, so I think there’s extra caution.

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