sugar, daddy, bring it home

Ever on the look out for the generic similarities and uniqueness of cultures, I walked into a chain store establishment in Paddington, London W2 and thought immediately of Los Angeles, California.

So let me, if I may, make a comparison of some of the products this chain store has on offer.

Starbucks Paddington:
2 types of sugar (brown and white) and 1 artificial sweetener sachets.

Starbucks Los Angeles:
3 types of sugar and 3 various artificial sweeteners sachets.

Draw your own conclusions.

Interestingly, when I was in Los Angeles with the Accountant d’Petersburg, we went into one of these said establishments. We purchased our over hot, boiled milk, burnt caffeine products, and quelle damage …. there was no Splender (artificial sweetener). There was of course, two other types of sweetener available. Account d’Petersburg went back to the counter to complain and received a free beverage for his disappointment.

Back in the merrly old land of Oz, they would have just looked at you like you were a moron and said, “There’s Sweet ‘n’ Low over there.” Then they would have turned away and giggled at you behind your back.

We do know our customer service!


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