what’s not so new pussycat

Just a follow up to the wards assigned to my care.

“Stinky”, the oldest of the crew, was seen toying with a mouse in the back garden yesterday.

This morning she placed the carcass so lovingly on the back door step.

Then she refused to eat her breakfast.

Then she decided grass was more akin to her palate’s special requirments.

Then she decided it wasn’t.

So she ran inside.

And i think you all know what happens next.

Cats – 4
Fish – 1
Plants – 5

Body Count – +1 (mouse)

And because I am the very model of a modern major house sitter, I’ve bureid the mouse in the back garden …. next to a plant … and maybe … just maybe I might forget to tell The Family Of Four where this sacred site is. Oops!

Insert sly snigger here.


2 thoughts on “what’s not so new pussycat

    1. Dave, don’t you know we humans can’t digest chlorophyll? No wonder you puked up on the kitchen floor! … Yes, RATHER unsettling.

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