where’s kathy griffin when you need her?

Some people know how to give an acceptance speech.

This is a prime example of how NOT to do it.

Watch how Alice Ripley, 2009 Tony Best Actress in a Musical for Next To Normal, drives her trite, pretentious acceptance speech of the rails and rams it into a herd of grazing elk. And a school bus full of children with special needs. Two old ladies with Zimmer frames and an old German Shepherd with hip dysplasia. A Louis XVIIth table setting for twenty-six guests. And Rush Limbaugh.

Hmmm … I wonder if she has found her place of truth yet.

Stockard Channing would have been much more witty and delightful.

N.B.: This blog accepts no liability for the loss of hearing or the emotional trauma suffered by canines from damage to their auditory canals due to the tone and pitch of this YouTube presentation posted above. Viewers are advised to use volume discretion when watching this trite pretentious acceptance speech that lies in accordance with the term “theatre wanker”.


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