i’m special … so very special …

For those of you that know me, you know I absolutely abhor the spotlight. If I can make someone else take centre stage, you know I am the first one into the back row of the chorus. The thought of standing out of the crowd never really crossed my mind.

But do you know what really grinds my gears?

In years gone by I spent not an inconsiderable amount of time in Soho, Central, Hong Kong. And I have to say that there were times when I would sit in one specific café off Hollywood Road and I could close my eyes and think that I was back in Sydney. Although the price of the coffee cost me twice what it did back home. (Still smiting over that one.)

Recently, during several excursions throughout Soho of the Lower East Side of Manhattan I find that I am quite regularly on the receiving end of my broad mother tongue.

Everywhere I go within this small square footage of real estate I am presented with my fellow countrymen and –woman. Struth! What is the point of flying to the other side of the planet in an attempt to feel special just to become completely commonplace!!!!

Whilst dining at Lombardi’s (claiming to be the first pizzeria in New York) I was in line to hear four Australians being seated for an evening of American Italian cuisine. Whilst waiting outside I was asked by a fellow compatriot if I knew where Elizabeth Street was, mate. Well, I don’t bloody well know, do I. Two men full of cinema pretention sauntered by looking constructedly artistic, and one of them espoused the wisdom of a rather bland direction of a film and a bloody beauty.

And there have also been sightings in other postcodes around Manhattan, at Battery Park, The Met and MoMa just to name a few. Well, I mean really … just … well …. BUGGAR! Just rack off back home, will ya!!!!!! Has Prime Minister Kevin Rudd gone and given the abandon ship order as the next part of his stimulus plan?

I only ever just wanted to be special.


7 thoughts on “i’m special … so very special …

    1. West Side – East Side … I think it all depends on which direction this Antipodean is actually standing.

      We also had very nice little hats on that bus too!

    1. From you previous explanations of your English adventures, has already been noted as a place to avoid when I arrive there! xx

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