i want to ride my bicycle, freddie!

See, here is just one cultural distinction of many between my country and the one I am currently in.

Today I went cycling through the streets and shores of Milford Connecticut. The sun shining. The wind blowing. My civil liberties firmly kept under my cap.

In Australia we are oppressively kept down by the authoritarian man and forced to wear cycling helmets. Here in the U.S. it is purely suggestionary. The Man ain’t gonna keep these people down. The Man is gonna let their hair blow in the wind. The Man is gonna let me choose to ride and split my head open or crush it like a new season watermelon all at my own cost. (Methinks this may be a health insurance scam!)

But I have to admit. It did feel just a little naughty.


13 thoughts on “i want to ride my bicycle, freddie!

  1. “(Methinks this may be a health insurance scam!)”

    Only if one cycler “happens” to casually pass directly in front of you and comes to sudden stop, and another one gets right behind ready to sacrefice his head up your ass, as you crash into the first guy because you were following too closely.

    With that being said, this IS America. You can always sue the state of Connecticut for NOT making you wear a helmet.

    I mean how are YOU supposed to know that racing downhill, hands waving, into oncoming traffic is dangerous. Did you seen any signs stating as such….hmmmm?


    1. Hmmm … a frivolous law suit may well be just the thing that keeps me in the U.S. longer than I can afford!

      1. Ok, I’ll comment. That website is ridiculous. It’s one sided and uninformed. Most lawyers aren’t out there filing frivolous lawsuits. You also might be surprised to hear that insurance companies, by and large, do not easily roll over and just hand out settlement money. They analyze the pros and cons to litigating, and part of that is figuring out if there is any potential liability. Most times there is, and if cases get settled it’s likely for this reason. However there are a good number of powerhouse insurance carriers that are extremely unethical in their refusal to settle even when they know they will lose. This is because they are hoping to bleed legitimate plaintiffs dry and out litigate them, even if they can’t win in the end.

        Further, you might notice that people are very careful about the things they do because they are afraid of lawsuits. Tort law regulates behavior where the criminal law leaves off. Tort law forces people to stop and think about their actions, and to take care to protect the safety of other people. That’s really not a bad thing.

        And now I have spoken. And thus it must be so. πŸ˜€

    1. Oh Eleanor, I was just there over a week ago. Who knew that Arnie was so concerned about the functioning heads and brains of his constituents. Unless of course, he doesn’t give a crap and someone else brought the law in before him!

      P.S. The weather was fantastic. California turned on all it’s May splendor for me!

    1. Ahh Eleanor, the sun is only coming out sporadically here on the East coast, so I am not sure if I would bring any more with me. Although I did enjoy the glorious daylight of Santa Monica. Ahhh.

  2. For Red and Sam,

    Two men enter, one man leaves.
    We don’t need another hero, all we want is life beyond the Thunderdome.
    All the children say!

    Play nicely. But please, continue to play!

    1. Hey, I’m a fair guy. I never said I did ACTUAL research and I secretly knew that the link would tweek some emotions, cause I knew that Sam was a lawyer. (even though I’ve never actually met her, but have heard lots of good things about her) At any rate just like anything, you hear the extremes of an issue because that’s all the media reports.

      I am well aware there are literally milliions of cases (which in of itself seems to be a problem) in which cases are resolved in a fairly equitable manner. So no hard feelings intended.

      Isn’t it crazy how a blog about enjoying your freedom to ride helmetless turns into talk about the weather and lawsuits….(oh yeah I think I started the latter…oops) πŸ™‚

      1. Me and my blog are like a melting pot of diversity and freedom of speach. (Is this the point where I don my yankee doodle dandy hat and say God Bless the U.S.A? Coz I will, y’all!)

      2. Red- I’ve heard lovely things about you too…..but doesn’t change the fact that this is the Thunderdome, baby! Compliments will not sway me; I’m a ruthless beyotch! πŸ™‚ I tried so hard to be good, and then Troy had to go and push that button…….I should get points for my delayed reaction.

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