my oath of office

When I landed at Los Angeles International Airport (or LAX) I was herded into a hall to pass through immigration. I stood in line for some time in the rather suspiciously unairconditioned space.

Whilst gazing at my fellow travelers and watching those that think they weren’t being watched pick their noses, I came across a bizarre sign. I’ve no see a sign of this nature in any of the airports I have transitted through in my travels.

It goes something a little like this …

We pledge to treat you with respect.

We pledge to be polite.

We pledge to listen to your comments and respond appropriately.

We pledge to speak to your courteously.

We are the best security people in the whole god damn world.

Have a nice day.

I’m sure we have something similar in my own country, Australia, as you pass through Customs and Quarantine.

It reads …

Pick up your shit after yourself and try not to break anything.


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