just a little bit of polish – part one

No where else are people affected more by the World Financial Crisis than in the place of it’s birth, the United States.

People are losing their houses, and street after street of houses lay vacant opening a host of opportunities for illegal activity to occur.

But it’s nice to know that there are people out there who have their noggins screwed on and are taking initiative. Organisations like Take Back The Land are locating and documenting these houses and using them to house the homeless.

Max Rameau is finding accommodation in bank foreclosed houses in Miami for families that are homeless. These families move in and essentially become squatters until the house is sold and new occupiers come in. And under the present climate, that could take a little time.

When we think of homeless people, most city dwellers envisage a man in rather dirty clothing and somewhat drunk. But the face of the homeless is really quite different these days. Because of the financial crisis, families and single parent families are being hit hard – they are new face of homelessness.

The benefit of placing families into these vacant houses are immense. The houses are not vandalised. The yard and house are maintained. The house and community are protected from other potential squatters that bring with them drugs and other criminal activity. The families have a sense of safety and self respect living under a roof that generally still has the utilities connected. People who have more self esteem are usually more inclined towards leading fuller and successful lives.

Technically, what they are doing is a crime by illegally squatting in these houses. But what is very impressive is that the police in Miami are turning a blind eye to the situation, preferring that the benefits outway what they would otherwise have to potentially deal with.

And that’s something that needs to be applauded.


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