’cause you got to have friends

Isn’t it nice that crisis can really bring people together!

As the world plunges into financial crisis, it’s great to see all the G20 Economic Forum leaders making a dash to London to solve all the economic woes facing the globe. And like teenage girls backstage at a Justin Timberlake concert, Presidents and Prime Ministers alike are scrambling to become the new best friend of Barak Obama. Oh Bammy, can I have a photo with you? Oh Bammy, can I get your autograph for my niece? Oh just make it out to Gordon, that will be fine.

After years of George Bush standing out there in the cold with his only friend ex-Australian Prime Minister John Howard, America has been warmly embraced somewhat through gritted teeth. Each country in their own way has to eat their own slice of humble pie baked for the credit crunch. Yet it was the sub-prime mortgages that really made the economy and stock market pull up stumps and let the looney brigade work out how to play cricket all on their own.

So. Do we stimulate? Do we ride out the storm? How far are they prepared to piss off Angela Merkel and the Germans, because history shows that never ends well? Can Hu Jintao and Manmohan Singh summon the chutzpah to stick two fingers up at the rest of the world and say, “Stuff Youse All! You’re going to have to outsource to us eventually anyway, so we’ll talk later, yeah“? Will Nicolas Sarkozy storm out in a fit of french tempestuousness and passion, gesticulating wildly while taking a brief pause for a photo-op next to the World Leader’s New Best Friend? Will Kevin Rudd take that stupid grin off his face every time he gets to sit next to Obama? I can hear him clapping on the inside from all the way down here.

I sometimes wonder if Kindergarten isn’t actually a simple microcosm and testing ground for a future on the political world stage.

If only they had a sensible and stern Kindergarten teacher, like my beloved Miss Kraven, with a big wooden ruler to keep them all in line. Ange and Nick are the hard ball emo kids who want to rule the school. Kev is that nerdy kid that is always sliding himself quietly into the background to give the appearance of hanging out with the cool gang. Gordon is the kid trying to keep everyone happy and hoping there is enough fairy bread to go round as he makes a desperate bid for another term as class president. Barack is the new international exchange student that appears exotic and shiny, but is in that same boat as everyone else. Manmohan and Hu are the kids that started halfway through term that everyone is just a little suspicious of.

Some people say that school days are the best days of our lives.


3 thoughts on “’cause you got to have friends

  1. It reminds us that in the end, we all only have each other. Committing yourself to your friendships, and helping them out however you can, is the best defense against depression and recession that one can do. And it also makes your life rich.

    1. Hallelujah to that Dave. I haven’t heard of anyone that lies on their death bed wishing that they had bought just one more house or one more car …

  2. Aaaah kindergarten . . . . but who was that poor kid who sat alone, in their own expanding puddle of urine with an even faster expanding space around them?

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