what for

Here’s a gross generalisation I’ve noticed that’s bound to cause a hoo-haa.

Straight men buy flowers when they have done something wrong.

Gay men buy flowers when they want to do something wrong.


5 thoughts on “what for

    1. Valentine’s Day doesn’t count. Forgetting, and then giving them post Valentines Day does.

      And you received a LOT of flowers on Valentine’s Day as I recall.

  1. hey i think my generation is great just because have a few new changes you want to call us a bad generation. well look who’s point the finger when your generation has raised us. look t our examples an think are we that much different from you an your time. you brought pot and drugs in your time so we brought another way to love someone. last time i check you cant die from loving someone or get lung cancer.
    so why is the teens kids and younger adults placed with the blame and mess your era made we just added on to it.
    wit love not drugs!

  2. yeah TTB! Just look at the mess your generation made!!!
    Quick, sweep it under the bed for later . . . .
    anyhoo, while I enjoyed Mea’s stream-of-conscious bizarre and tangental rant I must observe that my father has always bought my mother flowers – birthdays, anniversaries, in times of sadness and sometimes just because but never, might I add, on Valentine’s Day . . . . . after all, it’s just a hugely successful Hallmark ploy to sell pre-packaged sentimentality

    maybe it is a generational thing?

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