talk is cheap

Be warned. I am a Skype-aholic and I fall off the wagon constant.

I love technology. And when I discover something new I sing its praises constantly. Even when I sound like such an old fart because this technology has been available for some time.

Like a dufus I have been paying for a homeline with line rental since I moved to Melbourne. The main reason for this is the perception by some of the older generation in Australia (namely, my mother) that calling a mobile phone is hugely expensive.
This was in fact quite true, back in the day when you could go anywhere with your new mobile phone that was attached to a receptor that was the size of a brief case and the phenomenon was reasonably new. Let’s scoot forward twenty years and prices and phone sizes have tumbled. But once the baby boomers get it in there heads, it’s very hard to move the notion out.So at of sheer convenience I’ve had a landline telephone, otherwise I would never hear from particular generation of relatives.

But of course with heading overseas, you can imagine that their minds have be blown with what they consider to be the exorbitant rates they will now have to pay to use satellite technology. This, regardless of current deals and phone cards. Ostriches are burying their heads deep into the sand worrying at the dollars that they might as well burn trying to contact me.

This is where my Skype-love kicks in. For my Australian relatives clinging to their landline phones, I have bought what looks like a standard landline telephone number located in Sydney through Skype. They simple call this number when they want to contact me, and pay either the cost of a local or long distance call.

The part beyond comprehension (and best not explained to afore mentioned because it causes such confusion) is that this number dials directly into a server which through Skype then locates me throughout the world and directs the call through to me via the internet. So my laptop will then notify me that someone is call, and I can have a chat. Or I can divert it at a completely minimal charge to me to another landline or mobile wherever I am. And if they actually had Skype on a PC of their own, they could call me FREE of charge. (This is the point where brains explode at the sheer heresy of it all!)

And I have been wondering why I’ve bothered to pay for a landline connection for the past several years! Well, never again I tells ya!

Interestingly, the amount of people who complain about our telecommunications companies in Australia should realise that this is the way to hurt these companies the most.

The fact that Skype is an Estonian creation only embodies me with more genetic pride!

Now I just have to get them to understand the concept of time zones … grade two mathematics of subtracting numbers as large as eighteen from the current time can be so demanding.



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