love letter to suzi


One of the best pieces of graffiti I ever saw was in Newcastle, Australia. In the grounds behind the regional museum, there was a massive mining crane bucket that was a couple of stories high. Some clever artists had scrambled up to the top, and below the teeth in large yellow letters wrote, “Bill Steamshovel, is that you?” Such a shame that it has been painted over.

For those unacquainted with Bill Steamshovel, he was a character in a very popular children’s television show in Australia called, Mr Squiggle. Of my generation, you couldn’t help but smile every time you passed that bucket and remember Miss Jane.

Graffiti comes in so many different forms, from nuisance tagging that is nothing more than vandalism to incredible street art. In Melbourne, one of the best places for contemporary street art was in Central Place in an alley way that ran off the bustling little cafe strip, where artists could express themselves. Now there is a glass and concrete building facade.

Some of the most amusing scribblings I have seen have been devotions of love. Shakespeare wrote sonnets and Milton wrote epics, some carve “BOB + JANE” in a tree with a heart around it for the ages. The best stuff though gets written on public bathroom walls.  I don’t refer to the simple pleasures of meeting someone named Randy at 3.15pm every third Monday of the month for some sort of oral stimulation. Nor do I refer to calling Trace for a good time on an eight digit number.

Whilst feeling the need for relief at Brisbane’s Central Train Station one time, I unfortunately found myself in the most pungent of cubicles. I held my breath, and locked the cudbicle door behind me.

And there it was.

Suzi Quatro is the most sexiest woman in the world.

This … in the new millennium.

Now, I do have to agree. I was quite the fan in my more younger days. Ahh, how I remember Suzi Q as Leather Tuscadero in the Happy Days era. Or popping up in Absolutely Fabulous as a deranged Nurse in Eddy’s near death experience. I personally, when I would get completely bored in church and having etched my own graffiti into the pew in front of me, would sing my favourite Suzi Q songs, like Devil Gate Drive and Can The Can, quietly to myself. But never would I have thought to leave my obsession so clear for people to see as this.

I wonder what Ms. Q would think of this expression of love. I wonder at the person who wrote it their in the first place. Because, yes, Ms. Q has been a little quiet of late, so how long has this piece of devotion been on the wall? I had to laugh to myself.

Suzi Q, oh how I love you too.


7 thoughts on “love letter to suzi

    1. At least Bill will be in our hearts and minds. Long may you live Bill Steamshovel!

      Why has there not been a barricade style revolution in King Street to topple the NCC? Who’s on the organising committee for that? I think we need Merro on the job right now!

    1. My intent is to also collect graffiti as I travel about as well. It’s a shame I never got a picture of the Bill Steamshovel slogan. It’s uniquely Australian and very funny, as we all grew up with that character.

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