oh cory, you came and you had us a party, but we hate you today, oh cory. (in the manilow style)

In 1985 John Hughes showed us that there really is only one thing to do when you are a teenager and your parents leave you at home all alone and unsupervised. Weird Science was released to the world. In a world of burgeoning technology, where the Bill Gates’ of the future were still uncool and unknown, Gary (Anthony Michael Hall) and Wyatt (Ilan Michael Smith) through the wonders of modern 80’s technology created the woman of their dreams, Lisa (Kelly Le Brock). Lisa decides that the only way to get these two dweebs a chick each is to throw a rocking party in which Wyatt’s family home takes a battering while his parents are on vacation.

Step forward to 2008. In an outer Melbourne suburb called Narre Warren (those familiar with the exploits of Kath and Kim will know the ‘burb), a sixteen year old boy – let’s call him Cory – is left at home all alone and unsupervised. In a world of burgeoning technology, Cory decides to post and open invitation to a party at his house on My Space. In his dweeby attempt to impress the chicks and score, five hundred of his nearest and dearest My Space associates turn up to rock the joint.

It takes several police and even a helicopter to calm and subdue the revellers who , in their wake, leave thousands of dollars of damage. And in a prime example of news as entertainment, the tabloid press descends on Narre Warren in a feeding frenzy, all vying to get a sound bite from a rather inarticulate Cory.

Cory, surrounded by his posse is completely cool and unrepentant in his low riding jeans, faux fur trimmed duffle jacket and what can only be constituted as feminine 80’s style sunglasses. In sentences designed more for the illiterate understanding of pigeon English, Cory expresses that is was a corker or a bash.

“So what is to be done with Cory?” cry the media. How could this have ever happened? Slow news week is it?

Let’s take a good hard look at this one, shall we.

Sixteen year olds have been breaking the rules, inviting people to parties that get out of hand, for many many years. In fact, this is what some would class as standard sixteen year old rebellious behaviour. I know in my last years of high school there was one party where one of the girls had to have her stomach pumped and was off school for three days with alcohol poisoning. What a cracker of a party that was! The only things that have changed are the means in which Cory invited these people.

Without an adult to stand beside and force him to say the right thing, Cory played it up in from of his equally mindless friends and was wondering what all the fuss was about. If you are holding your breath waiting for an act of contrition under these circumstances, then I hope you enjoy a blue-ish pallour.

For some reason through the media portrayal of our young anti-socialite is that Idi Armin is actually alive and well and an event coordinator for the pre-pubescent of Narre Warren. I bet that Cory has even more My Space friends, including many a journalist waiting for his next blog.

What this media frenzy refuses to cover is that prior to the commencement of the party, he duly notified his neighbours that he was going to have a gathering at his house. Cory also complied with everything the police told him when they arrived and did not get involved in the following events that occurred outside his home.

Yes, Cory is guilty of doing something completely mind bogglingly stupid, but i think deep down there his parents have taught him something and it’s manage to stick … just a little.

Yes, Cory and his parents should be held accountable and responsible for his actions and that of the party goers.

And yes, Cory is guilty of being a victim in search of a fashion to call his own.

Is this the first time a sixteen year old has done something so completely stupid? No.

Is this the last time a sixteen year old will do something stupid? Methinks not.

And after all the psychologist, nay-sayers, wowser, politicians and opinionated have their say about the evils of society, let’s just remember that he is, after all, a sixteen year old boy. I challenge anyone of them to remember what they did at the age of sixteen, and the things that they still haven’t told their parents about.

Wouldn’t we all love to be the one’s to drag him by the ear to every neighbours door, and with his eyes downcast, force him to apologise to each and every single on of them. Sadly, that is an act that only his parents will be able to delight in.

If only Kelly Le Brock was here in her silver spandex ra-ra dress with black three quarter leggings and matching hair ties, to plug herself into a wall socket and wish it all away.

No doubt Cory would be wearing her outfit.


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